Open For All

Our inclusion promise

We believe exceptional moments can shift mindsets

That the right track, at the right time, with the right people can open our hearts to new opportunities and empower us to feel, be and do better. We're on a mission to help open-minded people refresh and connect through an unforgettable festival experience.
Our culture of inclusion is built on four powerful pillars
These hearts make our Kolour logo!


Life’s hard, with all its rules and pressures, everyone needs a safe place to escape and find solitude. Kolour is that place.


Come as you are, we won't discriminate against race, body type, disability, sexual orientation, gender or financial status.

Diversity In Performers

We'll always endeavor to promote a lineup that reflects a wide range of sub cultures and represents minorities.

A Safe Space

We promote a safe environment. If you ever feel unsafe, for any reason, reach out to Kolour staff or a security guard.


We're on a mission to help you do more than just escape the ordinary. We're empowering open-minded people to embrace the shared experience that binds us all together: the wacky and wild journey of being human.

Open Dress Code

We encourage you to come how you feel comfortable. With the consideration and respect not to offend the local culture and norms.

Multi-Genre Music

We blend different genres together to create a unique and authentic sound. We value quality and authenticity first and foremost.

Supporting the Arts

We work with students and locals as well as established artists to explore new forms of experiential art with a purpose.


We bear the flag of unity for all, spreading joy and connection to anyone who passes through our doors. We're breaking boundaries and building communities, beyond the music.

Do What’s Right

We donate 100% of leftover event payments to a charitable causes.


Loving the experience, leaving no trace. We're removing single-use plastics, cleaning up the local area and using paper cups.

Upcycling Art

As part of our love the space, leave no waste policy, we're using material from our stages and art displays to make our next round of merchandise.


Intention is everything. We love what we do and we hope to pass on that passion to anyone who comes through our doors.

Doing What We Love

Our time on this planet is short. We're here to make as many moments as we can magical – that means hiring people who love what they do.

Innovating the Experience

Feeling alive and inspired. We're here to make more of those moments happen

Dare to Do Something Different

Moments make memories. We're here to make them magical.