How many ticket types are there?

There are 2 types. Prices will increase the longer you wait, so grab them fast and join us in the park ;) 

1. General Admission Tickets: Access to all the festival's main areas (except VIP) and 1-hour free flow Singha

2. Kolour Plus+ Tickets: Elevate your experience with many VIP benefits such as private parking, private lounge and bar, elevated dance floor with best stage views, air-conditioned restrooms, lockers, and 1-hour free flow Singha!

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Ugh, I bought a ticket but I can’t go anymore (what a bummer). Can I get a refund on my ticket?

Sorry! We have a no refund / no exchange policy listed on every ticket. But let us help you :)

We don’t match the name on the ticket with the person using it (as long as the ticket hasn’t been scanned or registered, my friend). So, just give your ticket to a friend or resell it. Problem solved! :)

I bought a ticket from my friend (or a stranger on Facebook). Can I get into the festival?!

We highly recommend buying a ticket from this website, Event Pop, or Festicket to avoid any fraudulent tickets. If you try to enter or sell fraudulent tickets, the matter will be referred to the police (ugh, that doesn’t sound fun). 

But yes, if you trust the person, you can enter the festival with someone else’s name on the ticket, as long as the ticket hasn’t been scanned or registered.

Can I change the name on my ticket?

No worries, you don’t need to. We don’t match the name on each ticket with the person using it (as long as the ticket hasn’t been scanned or registered).

I bought a ticket online but haven’t received a confirmation email.

If you bought from this website or Event Pop, your ticket would have been sent to the email you typed in at purchase, or the email linked with your Event Pop or Facebook account. Also check your spam/junk mail folder (sometimes they’re just chilling in there). 

Still can’t find it? Contact Event Pop customer service below:

Email: pop@eventpop.me

Call: 062-593-2224 (Mon - Fri 10am - 6pm)

Can I buy many tickets for my friends first with my name? (I’m the party crew leader here) Can my friends use the tickets later?

Yes, Event Pop gives you options to put your name on all the tickets, or type in individual names and emails on each ticket at the purchase. Your friends can register the tickets with their information at our Registration booth at the festival's entrance. 

Do it for the team. Everyone needs a friend like you :)

Can I buy tickets from Festicket?

Yes! Festicket is our official international ticketing partner. Buy tickets in international currency here: Festicket

When you arrive at the festival, please go through the ‘Festicket’ entry queue to get your wristband.

Need help from Festicket? Hit them up here https://support.festicket.com

Can I upgrade from a regular ticket to Kolour Plus+?

Yes, you can upgrade a General Admission ticket to a Kolour Plus+ ticket at the Ticketing Booth at the festival entrance. The upgrade fee will be 1,400THB flat rate. Cards and cash are accepted.

I have a Kolour Plus+ ticket. Can I buy a VIP table at the festival?

There will be no table packages for sale at this event, but you can enjoy the private lounge and bar :) 

What are Group Tickets?

It's a special promotion. Buy 4 General Admission tickets at a discounted price (1,550THB per person) and get 400THB free Grab discounts to travel to/from the festival!

Are tickets only available online?

No, there will be a limited amount of General Admission and Kolour Plus+ tickets available at the festival entrance.

Can I buy a ticket online with cash?

Event Pop also accepts cash. Choose “Bill Payment” as your payment method. We will hold a ticket for you for 4 hours and you can pay by cash at the nearest counter service like Family Mart, Tesco Lotus, Big C, Central, B2S, Zen, Tops Market, Robinson and various Thai banks.

Can I get a plastic ticket shipped to my house?

All of our tickets are in electronic form. They will be sent to your email. Just open the email on your mobile phone and you can get in. Much more convenient!

How can I get my wristband?

Exchange your ticket for a wristband at the festival entrance. Wristband must be worn at all times of the festival.

I damaged (or lost) my wristband. What do I do?!

Take care of your wristband like it’s your baby! Damaged or lost wristband cannot be replaced. You will be required to buy a new ticket at the entrance if you wish to stay at the festival.


When and where is the festival?

Saturday, 7th March 2020 at 1pm - midnight (1 day event).

The festival is located at Thai Wake Park, Lumlukka branch.

I’m a DJ, in a band, or an agent from ABCXYZ agency, and I really want to perform at the festival or you to book my artists. What do I do?

Thank you for your interest! While we mainly book artists from selected agencies, please send your inquiry and portfolio to assist.artists@wearekolour.com for consideration.

I need to arrive in time to see (insert your favorite DJ’s name)! When will you post the set times?

Around 2 weeks before the festival day on this website and Kolour’s social media.

What if it rains at the festival?

95% of the time it won’t rain in March as it’s the beginning of summer. However, we’ve got a rain plan prepared and the festival will continue with the same energy in rain or shine!

How’s the weather? What do I wear?

The average temperature in March is 30°C with humidity. We encourage you to dress as yourself :) There will be fans and and shading chill areas. Don’t forget to drink lots of water and apply sunscreen! 

Check out our dress code here.

I’m a media or a photographer, can I get a media pass?

We work with a PR agency on the media guest list, and we book our photographer team in advance. Please send your inquiry to marketing@wearekolour.com for consideration.

Can I sell my products or host an activity at the festival?

Yes, we welcome everyone to participate and share your goodies! Please fill in an application form here.

Are there hotels nearby? How about camping?

Our sponsor Pullman Bangkok Hotel G is offering an amazing hotel package which includes a luxurious room with breakfast, Kolour In The Park tickets, and round-trip bus transfer! Book hotel package here.

For accommodation near the festival, RIDE n’ Lazy hotel at Thai Wake Park is fully booked. There are other 2-4 star hotels nearby, which require you to book directly with the hotel.

More information on hotels can be found here.

We do not have camping area, even if you bring your own tent. Sorry!


How do I get there?

By Minibus
We are running round-trip minibus service from Bangkok to the festival (Ekamai Bus Station and RCA). This is one of the safest and cheapest ways to travel there, starting from just 50THB per person! View schedule and book minibus tickets here: www.eventpop.me/e/8021-kitp20bus

By Grab
Definitely one of the easiest choices! Thanks to our official transport sponsor Grab, you can travel to/from the festival with ease from booking JustGrab, GrabCar, GrabCar Premium from your Grab mobile application. There will be a Grab booth at the festival's temple drop-off and staff to help you.

Use these Grab promo codes on the festival day
All users get 100THB discount / 2 rides - Apply code KOLOUR
- Valid for JustGrab, GrabCar, GrabCar Premium
- For rides To/From Thai Wake Park, Lumlukka

Download Grab mobile application here.

By Local Taxi
The average one-way price from central Bangkok to Thai Wake Park is 400THB. Tell the driver you’re going to “Lum-luk-ka-klong-hok” or show this map. However, we don’t recommend this option as the local taxis can overcharge you.

By Driving
Before you consider driving, make sure you have a designated driver who will not be consuming alcohol - safety first guys!

  • On Ramintra-Lamlukka Expressway turn right to Lumlukka Road
  • Drive pass Big C and and continue straight for 1km
  • Right after getting off the Klong 6 bridge, turn left into “Liap Klong Hok” alley. You will see a “Thai Wake Park” sign.
  • Drive straight up the alley for 5-6km. There will be a “Festival Parking” sign in front of a temple on the left.
  • Once you park, a free shuttle will take you to the festival entrance. 

View Google Map

Festival parking drop-off point is at the temple only. Parking can only accommodate 250 cars. If you are traveling in a large group, we suggest using the minibus service, Grab, or hiring a minivan.

By Plane
If you are traveling from another province or overseas, the easiest way to get to Kolour In The Park is to catch a plane to Suvarnabhumi or Don Mueang airports and then follow other travel options above.

Um… I missed my minibus. Can I buy another ticket or get a refund?

Minibus tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded. 

For the trip going TO the festival, the departure time is fixed to what you buy. We highly recommend you to arrive 15 minutes before your departure time. 

For the trip going BACK to Bangkok, the return time is flexible. You can hop on any minibus during 11pm - 1am. The minibuses will leave once full. 

Please print out your minibus ticket or have it ready on your phone. The ticket QR code is required for departure :)

Is there a parking lot?

**Parking is limited. We suggest you to travel by Grab, taxi, or minibus.** 

Main festival parking lot is at Ket Prapha temple (click to view map). All cars must park there. You cannot drive into Thai Wake Park. Free shuttles will be available from the parking lot to the festival entrance.

How can I go back home at night?

Thai Wake Park is an easy freeway drive to central Bangkok. You don’t need to find a hotel. We provide safe and convenient travel options back to Bangkok. 

To ride a Grab back home, you must go to the Grab booth at the temple drop-off spot (click to view map). There will be many cars on standby.

Minibuses will also drop you back at Bangkok (Ekamai Bus Station or RCA drop-off). You must buy a minibus ticket online in advance. The return time is flexible. You can hop on any minibus during 11pm - 1am. View schedule and book minibus tickets here: www.eventpop.me/e/8021-kitp20bus

We don’t recommend taking local taxis back because they can overcharge you!


Do I need to show an ID card to get in?

Yes! You must be at least 20 years old. A valid photo identification will be required at the entrance. Original Thai/foreign ID cards, Driver License and passports are accepted. Please have your ticket on the phone or printed out ready at the entrance.

But, but, I might get drunk and lose my ID. Can I show a picture of my ID instead?

Maybe keep it with your trusted friend :) 

It is up to our security team’s judgement to let you enter if you decide to show a picture or photocopy of your ID. We highly advise you to bring the original ID for guaranteed entry. We are not responsible for denied entry. 

What time does the festival start?

We open doors at 1pm. Arrive early to enjoy our daytime activities! 

Can I go out and come back into the festival again?

Unfortunately, re-entry is not allowed. We provide all the necessary amenities inside the festival such as ATMs, credit card machines, food & beverage, First Aid, mosquito spray. Don’t forget to take personal items you need from your car (ID, phone, wallet).

Can I bring a water bottle (or the bottle I told you it’s water but it’s actually pure vodka from 7-11) into the festival?

You can only bring in an EMPTY refillable or eco-friendly bottle/cup. No glass or plastic containers allowed.

Can I bring in food from outside?

No outside food or beverages allowed. We have many delicious food vendors waiting for you inside the festival. Give them a chance :)

Allowed and prohibited items?

These are welcome!

  • Your good vibes, smiles, energy
  • Phone, GoPro, small cameras without detachable lens 
  • Backpacks
  • Swimsuits and towels
  • Flip-flops
  • Lotion sunscreen
  • Party inflatables (alien, flamingo etc.)
  • Hula hoops
  • EMPTY reusable water bottles/cups
  • Well trained dogs and service animals (free of charge!)

Don’t bring these!

  • Alcohol, food or drink purchased outside the festival 
  • Illegal drugs
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Fireworks or flares
  • Opened cigarette boxes, vapes, e-cigarette 
  • Glass containers
  • Plastic materials 
  • Aerosol sunscreen, beauty products
  • Professional photography equipment (DSRL, TV camera, camera with detachable lens)
  • Professional audio recording equipment 
  • Drones or remote flying devices
  • Selfie sticks, tripods, monopods
  • Chairs
  • Tents
  • Anything deemed to be dangerous or offensive by festival staff
My dog Charlie wouldn’t leave me alone. Can I bring a dog? Do I need to buy a dog ticket?

Of course bring Charlie to the party! We allow friendly and trained dogs inside the festival, free of charge. You must clean up and be responsible for your dog, though.

At The Festival

How can I buy food, drinks, or merchandise at the festival?

You can buy everything inside the festival by topping up your wristband and scanning it. You must add money to the wristband first at “Top Up” booths. You can top up by using cash or debit/credit card. Our vendors do not accept cash. 

How do I know how much money is left on my wristband?

You can ask any vendor or Top Up booth how much money you have remaining by scanning your wristband, or check the receipt after you buy something from a vendor.

I have money left in my wristband. Can I get a refund?

Yes you can. Refund booth is open from 5pm - 1am on the festival day only. If you forget to refund, your leftover money will be donated to a local charity.

I’m a vegetarian/vegan. What can I eat there?

We believe in healthy diet. Each year we have at least one vegan food vendor, or our other food vendors will include vegan options.

Are there restrooms?

Yes, portable toilets and the venue’s toilet block will be available on site.

For Kolour Plus+ ticket holder, you can chill, refill makeup, or sober up in the private air-conditioned restroom trucks.

If I want to wakeboard or swim, is there locker or towel rental?

Please bring your own towels :) Lockers will be available for Kolour Plus+ ticket holders only. 

Do I need to buy a separate ticket for wakeboarding?

A wakeboarding ticket must be purchased at Thai Wake Park counter inside the festival. However, the other activities are free to join :)

What time do the lakes close?

The swimming / free activities lake closes 6pm.
The wakeboarding lake closes 8pm.

How big is the Kolour Plus+ locker? How does it work?

Each Kolour Plus+ locker is 27 x 28 cm and can fit a small bag. We suggest you to pack light. Kolour Plus+ lockers are first come, first served. You must pay a deposit and once you return the locker’s key at the end of the night, we will return your deposit.

Is there First Aid?

Of course, there will be a medical team and ambulances on standby at the festival. If you require medical help or see someone who needs help, please go to our First Aid tent immediately. Safely first!

Will there be ATMs inside the festival?

Yes, there will be ATMs, as well as debit/credit card device at the Top Up booths.

My phone died and jesus christ I really want to take a video of my favorite DJ. Is there a phone charging station?

Yes, portable phone chargers will be available for rental.

Can I take pictures/videos inside the festival?

Of course! You can take with your phone, GoPro, or small camera with NO detachable lens. Don’t forget to tag @wearekolour #KolourInThePark and share your favorite moments with us :)

You must have an official Media Pass authorized from us to bring in professional cameras. Unauthorized equipment will be confiscated at the entrance.

Can I smoke cigarettes inside the festival?

Yes, but please smoke inside the designated smoking area only. Cigarettes will be sold inside the festival. Opened cigarette boxes and e-cigarettes will not be permitted inside the event.

Will there be wheelchair access?

Yes. Please keep in mind the venue is mainly grass with some concrete paths. Please send your inquiry to community@wearekolour.com and we will do everything to help you.

Help, I can’t find my friends.

It’s ok. We have a friendly team of Kolour volunteers who can help or party with you! :) Just look for those wearing “Kolour Smile” T-shirts and talk to them.

Will there be a Help Desk?

Yes, there will be a Help Desk inside the festival with any questions you have - from directions, artist set times, to festival map.

I lost my stuff (ID, very expensive sunglasses, my phone) How can I get them back?

If you lost or found a lost item, please head to the Help Desk inside the festival. After the festival, the remaining lost items will be posted on Facebook and must be picked up at Kolour Office Thonglor.

Please note that some items will not be returned to us. For the best, keep your valuables in the Kolour Plus+ locker or at home :)